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Study: Illegal Child Labor in the United States
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Title Page

I. Introduction

II. Data Sources and Limitations

III. Estimating Total Illegal Employment

IV. Demographic and Job Characteristics

V. Cost Savings for Employees

VI. Trends in Illegal Employment since 1970

VII. Conclusions

Appendix A: Coding of Hazardous Occupations

Appendix B: Comparison to the GAO study of 15-year-olds


Table 1: Estimates of Illegal Child Labor in U.S.

Table 2: Legal and Illegal Employment by Demographic Characteristics

Table 3: Employment Characteristics of Legal and Illegal Workers, by Age

Table 4: Trends in Legal and Illegal Employment Since 1970

Table A-1:Estimates of Legal and Illegal Labor From Current Population Survey

Table A-2: Estimates of Legal and Illegal Child Labor From National Longitudinal Surveys

Table A-3: Other Datasets with Work Data by Age


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