Carolina, Puerto Rico

Enter the Natural World of Cuba and Puerto Rico through the Eyes of Alfonso Silva Lee
by Lydia S. Vale-Delgado

Alfonso Silva Lee, a biologist, has truly opened the doors of a world of animals found in the Caribbean, specifically in Cuba, his native land and in Puerto Rico. Mr. Silva has spent most of his life studying the tropical habitants of many wonderful animals. As a result, he has offered to us a world of bright colors and of strange, yet, exciting behaviors of each animal he has photographed. He and other photographers have made possible our entering the realms of butterflies, spiders, as well as our coquí and many other fascinating creatures found on the two islands. Both books accurately record each detail with a unique style that welcomes readers of all ages to read his descriptions without difficulty. What makes these books so interesting is the fact that it can be read either in Spanish or English.

His books, entitled Natural Cuba/Cuba natural published in 1996 and Natural Puerto Rico/Puerto Rico natural published in 1998 are written for you, not just for the scientist, but for the child, man and woman who truly loves the natural world of animals found here on both Islands. The language used is friendly and sometimes humorous. The descriptions are vivid and the photographs seem to want you to touch them in order to feel the texture of the skins of the lizards, iguanas and even the feathers of the many birds that fly our blue skies. Mr. Silva also invites you the underworld of the many colorful fish that live in the bright-colored corals found in the depths of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean that embraces our Islands. The reader will also discover animals he/she never imagined existed. Scientists are still learning about new creatures that abound on these Islands. Fascinating thought!

We finally have available two books that delve into the secret worlds of the many animals found in Cuba and in Puerto Rico. The books practically hypnotize you. I was able to read both in one day. I simply could not put them down. Mr. Alfonso Silva Lee, I congratulate you for your keen observations and love for the natural world of both Cuba and Puerto Rico.

I recommend wholeheartedly that parents, students, and educators open the pages of these incredibly wonderful books to fully enjoy the animals we have now and to learn how to preserve our environment so that you and I, as well as future generations, be able to continue enjoying the parrot, spiders the size of a fried egg, snakes that live all their lives underground, and others. Don’t hesitate in placing in your home or school library a copy of both Natural Puerto Rico/Puerto Rico natural and Natural Cuba/Cuba natural by Alfonso Silva Lee.

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