Mi isla y yo / My Island and I



The message of love and respect for the islands and the need to conserve these special places comes through clearly. Lago�s illustrations are luminous and enhance the texts ably. These are excellent books for starting discussions on conservation.

FOREWORD (May 2002) - "Three on a March: Illustration, Text and Age Group Work Together in successful Picture Books"

From the Caribbean comes the beginning of a new series of books for five- to seven-year-olds about the biodiversity of the islands. My Island and I: The Nature of the Caribbean (Pangaea) is written by biologist Alfonso Silva Lee, and illustrated by Alexis Lago, both natives of Cuba living in the United States. Spanish and French-Creole versions will be released later. The text explores the relationship of plant and animal life, from fungi and termites that feed on decaying trees to soaring red-tailed hawks. Watercolor illustrations capture the beauty of island life.

When the text and illustrations of children�s books match the targeted age group, and the books stimulate the imagination, promote understanding, teach about the world, and make adults and children laugh together, then youngsters will want to read more.

CHILDREN'S BOOK WATCH Midwest Book Review (March 2002)

Written by Caribbean naturalist Alfonso Silva Lee, My Island and I is a colorful children's picturebook about the natural ecology of an island - from fallen trees becoming food for fungi and termites to the thoughts of lizards and the interaction of fish. The watercolor-style illustrations by Alexis Lago bring to life the festive, multifaceted wonder of natural life. A highly recommended and educational book for young readers, My Island and I is highly recommended for school and community library picturebook collections.

CARIBBEAN Travel and Life - "Natural Charm"
by Natalia de Cuba Romero,

Alfonso Silva Lee is as engaging a character as he is an impassioned biologist. Born in Cuba and educated in Moscow, Lee's sunny nature shines through his colorful books as he introduces his young readers to the creatures that inhabit the land and waters of the Caribbean. His latest volume, My Island and I / Mi isla y yo (Pangaea, hardcover $15.95) is a child's dream and a teacher's delight.

Tree frogs, lizards, butterflies, bugs and other bright and lively creatures jump across every page in beautiful illustrations by Alexis Lago. The text is clear and suitably simple as it traces the natural history of a tropical isle: either Puerto Rico, Silva's current home, or Cuba, depending on the book's language edition.

We're hooked on Silva's bilingual natural history books, and the excellent photography in many of them is also to his credit. Check out Natural Puerto Rico / Puerto Rico natural; Natural Cuba / Cuba natural and Coquí y sus amigos / Coquí and His Friends, also by Pangaea, and get up close and personal with tropical Mother Nature.

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