The Proprietress

Bonnie Hayskar

Editor and Publisher, PANGAEA

A writer and editor for over 30 years, I reside in the United States. In 1990 I set out on a round-the-world journey that heightened my appreciation for the diversity of the Earth and her peoples.

It has also deepened my concern for our world's children and the wondrous biodiversity that sustains us all, to which I now dedicate my work at PANGAEA, an independent publishing house. A graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism in news and editorial writing, I specialize in natural history, ecotourism, and the environment, with a propensity for the human rights of children.

Published books as editor include:

Kakuma - Turkana, Dueling Struggles: Africa's Forgotten People, by Daniel Cheng Yang.
My Island and I: The Nature of the Caribbean, by Alfonso Silva Lee.
Coquí y sus amigos / Coquí and His Friends: Los animales de Puerto Rico / The Animals of Puerto Rico, by Alfonso Silva Lee.
Natural Puerto Rico / Puerto Rico natural, by Alfonso Silva Lee
Natural Patagonia / Patagonia natural, by Marcelo D. Beccaceci
Natural Cuba / Cuba natural, by Alfonso Silva Lee
Robbed of Humanity: Lives of Guatemalan Street Children, by Nancy Leigh Tierney
The Lake District of Minneapolis: A History of the Calhoun-Isles Community, by David Lanegran and Ernest Sandeen

Books authored:

Mississippi Trace, a three-part interpretive travel series on the Mississippi River (forthcoming)
Patagonia Wilderness, co-authored with Marcelo D. Beccaceci
Landmark Center: A Work of Art Serving People
The Ellerbe Tradition: Seventy Years of Architecture and Engineering
Saint Paul Omnibus: Images of the Changing City

My articles on ecotourism, architecture, and culture have appeared in a variety of newspapers and magazines from Architecture Minnesota to Z, as well as newspapers throughout the US and occasionally Europe and Japan.

From 1983 to 1990 I served as Deputy Director of Tourism for the State of Minnesota Office of Tourism and Communications Manager. Together with our staff of 105 outstanding professionals, we received the highest honors for travel marketing and communication accorded by the travel industry in the United States, thanks in large measure to our innovative and award-winning Minnesota Explorer newspaper (circ. 1,000,000+), for which I was executive editor. We were also honored for our advertising and marketing programs by Advertising Federation (Ad Fed) and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), among others.

I have served as a past Minnesota president of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and president of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organizations at our community schools. I continue to remain active on behalf of street children throughout the world, many of whom I met during my travels. I believe these wonderful young people to be our collective community children. They are entitled to and deserving of our love and recognition.

The PANGAEA website is both a professional and personal reflection on some of what I've learned from it all.

Recent memberships include:

Association of American Publishers (AAP)

and member, Publishing Latino Voices for America (PLVA) Task Force

Society of American Travel Writers (SATW)

and member, Editor's Council

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