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First of its kind for Cuba, this book is full of eloquent jewels—historical, cultural, literary, and biological. Moreover, the writing is not only authoritative, it is positively felicitous. A joy to read. Anyone interested in knowing and saving wild Cuba should start here.

Conservation Biologist
Founder: Society for Conservation Biology
Author: Reinventing Nature? Responses to Postmodern Deconstruction and Conservation Biology: The Science of Scarcity and Diversity

I am especially pleased by the appearance of Natural Cuba/Cuba natural because we have long needed a well illustrated summary of the Cuban fauna. But beyond that, I am delighted that the book will appear in both English and Spanish—breaking the embarrassing tradition of having much of Latin America’s natural history described in English. Alfonso Silva Lee is to be congratulated on his pathbreaking accomplishment.

Stanford University Population Ecologist
Author: Betrayal of Science and Reason: How Anti-environmental Rhetoric Threatens Our Future and Healing the Planet: Strategies for Resolving the Environmental Crisis

MIAMI HERALD / El Nuevo Herald
1 December 1996

"Naturally, Cuba"
Reporter, El Nuevo Herald

The bilingual book Natural Cuba/Cuba natural, from Pangaea publishing, has just appeared, with maps, illustrations, and beautiful photographs belonging to Cuban biologist-author Alfonso Silva Lee. [Complete text.]


"Enter the Natural World of Cuba and Puerto Rico through the Eyes of Alfonso Silva Lee"
by Lydia S. Vale-Delgado

Alfonso Silva Lee, a biologist, has truly opened the doors of a world of animals found in the Caribbean, specifically in Cuba, his native land and in Puerto Rico. Mr. Silva has spent most of his life studying the tropical habitants of many wonderful animals. As a result, he has offered to us a world of bright colors and of strange, yet, exciting behaviors of each animal he has photographed. He and other photographers have made possible our entering the realms of butterflies, spiders, as well as our coquí and many other fascinating creatures found on the two islands. [Complete text.]

Books & Books (Coral Gables and Miami Beach, FL)
November 2000

As a topic of political inquiry, Cuba has inspired mountains of books, articles and essays. As a physical entity, the island and its natural habitat have received scant attention. Thankfully, renowned biologist Alfonso Silva Lee has stepped forward to correct that omission with Natural Cuba/Cuba natural, the first book to reveal in-depth the rich, natural history of the Caribbean's largest, most diverse tropical island and archipelago.

CITYPAGES (Minneapolis/St. Paul): Best Bet
30 December 1997


I didn't know this, but it's possible to write books about Cuba that do not use the phrases "missile crisis" or "CIA assassination plot." The only crises in naturalist Silva Lee's book Natural Cuba/Cuba natural (Pangaea) are environmental; apparently Cuba used to have an extensive mammal population, which became extinct about the time our special species of mammals appeared. His book is a thorough natural history filled with the wonderful pictures you'd expect in such a tome. Who knew snails could be so beautiful?


Natural Cuba/Cuba natural . . . is a wonderful little bilingual (English/Spanish) book providing an excellent overview of the natural history of Cuba, a subject little known to those in the United States. The well written and entertaining text covers a wide variety of animals endemic or native to the Island including crocodiles, boas, lizards, frogs, native mammals, birds, marine and terrestrial invertebrates, insects, and reef dwelling fish. Also included is a brief review of the extinct fauna of Cuba and an Appendix linking scientific names to their English and Spanish counterparts. Beautifully illustrated throughout with over 100 exceptional color photographs of animals and habitats.

September 1998

Island Fever: The Pearl of the Caribbean, Cuba beckons again
by David Cline

Among the books [on Cuba] is a little bilingual gem published by Pangaea Press called Natural Cuba/Cuba natural by Cuban naturalist Alfonso Silva Lee. It invites us to put aside the politics and to go native. [Complete text]

Victoria Brooks' GREATEST ESCAPES Travel Webzine
December 1999 by E. Lisa Moses

An exquisite tome that records for posterity Cuba's densely populated world of flora and fauna, Natural Cuba/Cuba natural makes you sit up and take note of things that don't always meet the eye. And it's a clear message to developers to watch where they tread." [Complete text]

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