"Everyone's Child" video now available

The video of the Zimbabwean feature film "Everyone's Child" is now available from DSR, Inc in the USA. For a short time only the price will be US$79, and US$59 for local African agencies based in Africa. Shipping is additional.

The film is the latest production of Media for Development Trust, and has just been released with premieres in Toronto, Harare and Mill Valley, USA. The film won awards for Best Script, Best Music and Best Cinematography at the Southern African Film Festival.

"Everyone's Child" is the story of two children's abrupt journey into a world of adult responsibility. It is a story of love and of the triumph of human spirit in the face of tragedy.

Tamari and Itai are devastated following the tragic death of both of their parents. As family and neighbours turn their heads, the children are left with nothing. Frustrated and despairing, Itai tries his luck in the big city, leaving Tamari at home to fend for herself and their younger brother and sister.

For the children this is a time of fear and survival. For the people around them it must become a question of compassion. In the end it is only tragedy that can bridge the gulf of denial between their two worlds and make the community realise that these are everyone's children.

The film was made to tackle a growing problem throughout Africa of children living in hardship, especially as a result of AIDS. By the turn of the century there will be more than ten million children orphaned by AIDS across the continent.

Following country-wide research sponsored by PLAN International and the Anglo-American Corporation, top Zimbabwean novelist and author of "Harvest of Thorns," Shimmer Chinodya was commissioned to develop the story. Later on, Andrew Whaley, John Riber, and Tsitsi Dangarembga adapted the story for screen.

With funding from the British government's Overseas Development Administration and again from PLAN International, the entire film was shot on location in Harare and Domboshawa in Zimbabwe between October 23rd and December 6th 1995.

The film is directed by Tsitsi Dangarembga, author of the award winning novel "Nervous Conditions." With "Everyone's Child," Tsitsi becomes the first Zimbabwean woman to direct a feature film. Despite five years living and studying film in Germany, Tsitsi maintains a strong sense of her African identity. "My soul is African," she says, "It is from there that springs the fountain of my creative being."

Nomsa Mlambo was the lead actress. Her portrayal of Tamari was described as "real and very touching. She also depicts the suffering of many others." Alongside her, Thulani Sandhla plays Itai, both actors making their screen debuts. An intensive workshop helped shape a cast that includes veteran actors Walter Muparutsa (playing Uncle Ozias), Simon Shumba and Elijah Madzikatire. The film also features popular super-model, Angeline Musasiwa, and singer, Leonard Zhakata. Another less celebrated, but equally well known group of actors comprise Harare street kids. Casting director, Andrew Whaley, sought out several kids from the streets to take part in the workshop, and two of them successfully graduated to play members of the street gang.

A dedicated team of professional technicians, almost all Zimbabwean, and many veterans of previous MFD productions, shaped these startling performances into film. In particular, Patrick Lindsell was making his first feature as Director of Photography and David Guwaza made this his third as Art Director.

While a direct challenge to the viewer, "Everyone's Child" is also a celebration of human spirit and African culture. It is an exciting and provocative film which will focus people's attention the world over on the innocent victims of a disease that knows no boundaries.

VHS PAL and NTSC videos are available from DSR, Inc, 9111 Guilford Rd, Columbia, MD 21046, USA; tel: 301 490 3500 / 800 875 0037; fax 301 490 4146; and email:; web page address: We can accept Visa, Master and American Express credit cards, or prepayment by US dollar check or wire. Net 30 orders are possible from established customers and major US-based institutions.

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