North America

By The Associated Press
December 1997-January 1998

To produce the series "Children for Hire,'' more than two dozen AP reporters, more than a dozen photographers and a researcher worked for five months, searching for children at work and tracing the results of their labor from farm or factory to consumer.

They found working children in factories and fields in 16 states. Two reporters and a photographer accompanied the New York State Apparel Industry Task Force on factory inspections.

Other states examined were Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Washington State.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, the AP obtained and analyzed computer records of all federal wage and hour enforcement cases from this decade. Computer databases were used to locate people, identify businesses and trace products.

Lisa Bass, editor
Bernadette Habiger, artist
Albert Jiminez, photo editor
Steve Sakson, producer
Randy Herschaft, investigative researcher
Drew Sullivan, data manager
Sharon L. Lynch, data editor
Ricardo Reif, translation
Jennifer M. Kiamzon, artist
Bob Port, special assignment editor
Bruce DeSilva, enterprise editor
Claudia Counts, enterprise photo editor
Cameron Bloch, photo editor
Ted Anthony, New York
Allen G. Breed, Pikeville, Ky.
Ted Bridis, Evansville, Ind.
Sharon Cohen, Chicago
Amanda Covarrubias, San Diego
Matt Crenson, New York
Verena Dobnik, New York
Katie Fairbank, Dallas
Michael Fleeman, Los Angeles
David Foster, Seattle
Deborah Hastings, Los Angeles
Michael Hill, Albany, N.Y.
Lisa Holewa, Tampa, Fla.
James Jefferson, Little Rock, Ark.
Joan Kirchner, Atlanta
Farrell Kramer, New York
Eileen Loh, Jackson, Miss.
Ray Long, Springfield, Ill.
Martha Mendoza, New York
Helen O'Neill, New York
Tom Ragan, Philadelphia
Todd Spangler, Dover, Del.
Hal Spencer, Olympia, Wash.
Christopher Sullivan, Atlanta
Mitch Weiss, Toledo, Ohio
Amy Westfeldt, Newark, N.J.
Joe Wheelan, Raleigh, N.C.
Ed White, Grand Rapids, Mich.
John Bazemore
Eric Draper
Morry Gash
Mark Humphrey
Marta Lavandier
Bebeto Matthews
Matt Otero
David Phillip
Amy Sancetta
Susan Sterner
Pat Sullivan
Elaine Thompson
Kathy Willens


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